Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sad story, I guess?

I have a friend and He told me that he met his mother unexpectedly in a birthday party of his nephew. Since I know my friend's life story, I was eager to know and I asked him what happened next. He related to me he went to his nephew's place and celebrated with him. To his surprise he met his mother there. For a long time, my friend haven't heard any news from his mother. He was really surprised and was feeling queasy. I was listening to him closely and find it very interesting. I asked him, what did you do when you met her. He said it was a very awkward moment, unknowingly she was just right there after a long time of no communication. He said he didn't know what to do whether to hug, kiss or pay no attention to her. Instead, he just shook her hand and said 'Hello'. I was surprise like "Damn, you just shook her hand? and Hello?". I mean it was her mother, right? Then i ask him how did you feel meeting your mother? He said, "it was like nothing, it was like meeting a stranger. It was too awkward." **face palm for me. Then i suddenly realized, I don't want that to happen to my son. I don't want Astaro to be like that to his mother. I mean i love them both, my son and his mother even when we are already separated. I just can't seem to take it emotionally hearing those words from my own son. I was sad. I suddenly remember my son's mother, I hope she is doing well and happy. I hope she hasn't forgotten him. I will be so happy to see them together.

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I am.


I am feeling ecstatic!
I should have wrote my experiences in Vancouver. i was too *dang lazy to do it. But it was a very nice experience to go there.
Knowing the culture and the people of the foreign land is very interesting. Although, there's nothing special on their food, I got to eat a lot from different international cuisines, Indian, Japanese, Chinese (which you can find anywhere), Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, hahahah.. and a lot of more. I made few friends and got to have a little conversation with them. They are very open minded people and have a very interesting personality. I had the time of my life. Looking forward on going there again.Enough of Vancouver!.

I am happy!
I am enjoying my job. No hussle, No pressure, Easy going. 3 days work from home. Cool people to work with. Nice compensation package. I'm contented. I have met with new people and made new friends.

I am sure!
I am still work in progress, of course. I mean, I am still recovering from a challenges that i had to endure. I had to learn and grow from it. Accept the things that you can't change, be mature and move on. Be a better person than yesterday and maintaining to improve myself.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Headstone

This question just pop out of my mind while i was on my way to work.

What would i write in my headstone?

I remembered when i was still a kid, my friend and i found a very old graveyard, while exploring uncharted areas in my hometown. We knew it was a graveyard since we found a lot of headstones, some were broken and scattered all over the place. It was eerie, realizing there were corpses buried in that place. We read some of the headstones wanting to find who these people were. Some headstones were written with their full name, date of birth, and date of death. Some were just names and dates. Some were young, others were old. There were family headstones too. As we scoured the headstones, I questioned myself. Who were these people and how did they live their life?

As i reminisce that time, I wouldn't want my headstone to be just like that. It is somewhat like, plain and boring. I think it was a good point to ask myself those question. What would i write in my headstone? How would i like everyone to remember me? And so, partly, my headstone will be.

Roel Cordero Cariazo
"A Man with a good heart who conquered LIFE and live it to the fullest."

What would you like to be on your headstone? :-)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Sa mata ng mga bata

Gusto ko sanang alamin pano yung daan pabalik sa "innocence". Yung time na wala ka pang pakialam sa buhay. Walang tama at mali.

Sa mundo ng bata, pwede kang kumain ng ice cream kahit nakakalat pa ito sa bibig at baba mo at tumutulo na sa t-shirt. Kunin yung nahulog nang pagkain sa sahig at sabihin "wala pang five minutes". Hindi ka pa takot sa germs. Pwede kang maglaro ng putik at humubog ng mga bagay. Pwedeng kang sumigaw o umiyak sa mall. Yung wala ka pang hiya na ipakita ang nararamdaman mo.

Ang mga bata ang isa sa may mga pinakamahihirap na tanong sa mundo, kahit simpleng tanong, mahirap sagutin. Sila yung may mga boundless imagination, pwede silang sumakay sa lumilipad na aso, maglaro sa rainbow, lumangoy sa tsokolateng dagat, Magdrive papuntang outerspace.

Para sa kanila, Walang saysay ang salitang "Impossilbe".

Lahat tayo ay tumatanda. Ang mundo ay patuloy na nagbabago. Sa mga pagbabagong iyon, nagiiba din ang ating pananaw. Ang pagtingin natin sa kultura, kaligayahan, sa pag-ibig, Maging sa ibang aspeto ng buhay. Nagkakaroon na tayo ng sarili nating judgement. Malaking pagkakaiba sa mata ng bata.

May daan pa ba pabalik sa pananaw sa mata ng bata?

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Astaro

I love your name! I enjoy calling you that. In the first place, we were the ones who gave you that name. If you ever wonder how you got that name, hmmm. Well, I wanted you to have a unique name Astaro Kerio. Astaro came from a german brand of IT hardware security product. I was a NOC engineer at that time, where i use to monitor the company's firewall hardware. This firewall is the backbone of the IT infrastructure. Your second name Kerio, is our email client, you momand i use to communicate here. Well, that was way back then when we were still together.

Daddy is missing you so much. I wanted to hug you everyday, you're a stress reliever. I love it when you hug me back tightly. It gives me full comfort. Your smile is amazing, it is pure and genuine. Your eyes, are just plain innocent. I wish i could be like that. At your age, i know you can understand Daddy. . .Someday, you will fully understand everything.

As much as i want to I want to be with you all the time, watch you grow up. Teach you things that i have already experience being a kid. I want you to learn humility, faith, hope and love. I want you to be engage in outdoor activities. And I want you to learn a lot of things. I'm excited for that. There are many things I want to do with you when you grow up.

I love the way you call me "Daddy"
It's solemn and feels like serene. I just love it. You are my son, and i will do anything a father should love his child.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm still getting interview calls

I just updated my resume and then there were invites...
then there were interviews.

I wasn't really looking for a job, It was not part of my plan..yet. =)
Until, there were interview calls. I thought why waste the opportunity, why not take it?!

As far as i can remember at least 10 companies called me up. Same interview, over and over again. My answers were like a script already.

I'll be writing a few common questions of hiring managers.

Can you tell me something about yourself?
you must answer NO.... kidding!!
Don't tell your life story here for this question. Who cares about your blood type? your height? your weight?! The interviewer wouldn't care about that. You can start by relating when you first started your work after your graduation..."I graduated at XXX University with Ph.D blah.blah..blah.." And tell the interviewer about your first work what you did and so on and so forth.

What do you do in your current work?

You can state your role and responsibilites here. You can also say the processes of your task here.

#3Research google. hehehehehe.. I am too lazy to write this kind of shit.

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Sneaky Profile View

I had a few drinks earlier.

Out of nowhere, my index finger seem to move on its own. It clicked the touch pad of my laptop. And it was on your facebook profile. It got me curious. Why oh why! It is not my habit to lurk on somebody's profile. But at this very hour, I am doing it. Funny, i end up smiling. :)

It was like, all good memories came back to me. I was smiling really. I didn't know why.
And it dawned on me..

I have forgiven you.
I had forgiven myself.
And all the bitterness in the world was gone. I felt joyful.

Finally, I can build a bridge and move on. :)
I hope you're are truly happy. :)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maliciously Convicted

Do you wonder, how people could get into your nerves for being so fickle-minded? The intent to embarrass you in front of others, with malicious remarks? Those half-meant jokes, those annoyingly patronizing compliment. How do you handle this in any way?

You wouldn't like me when I'm mad. Hell will break loose. For heavens sake, i can be mean. You wouldn't like that.

But still, professional as we are, I can keep my composure.

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