Thursday, November 7, 2013

I am.


I am feeling ecstatic!
I should have wrote my experiences in Vancouver. i was too *dang lazy to do it. But it was a very nice experience to go there.
Knowing the culture and the people of the foreign land is very interesting. Although, there's nothing special on their food, I got to eat a lot from different international cuisines, Indian, Japanese, Chinese (which you can find anywhere), Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, hahahah.. and a lot of more. I made few friends and got to have a little conversation with them. They are very open minded people and have a very interesting personality. I had the time of my life. Looking forward on going there again.Enough of Vancouver!.

I am happy!
I am enjoying my job. No hussle, No pressure, Easy going. 3 days work from home. Cool people to work with. Nice compensation package. I'm contented. I have met with new people and made new friends.

I am sure!
I am still work in progress, of course. I mean, I am still recovering from a challenges that i had to endure. I had to learn and grow from it. Accept the things that you can't change, be mature and move on. Be a better person than yesterday and maintaining to improve myself.