Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Astaro

I love your name! I enjoy calling you that. In the first place, we were the ones who gave you that name. If you ever wonder how you got that name, hmmm. Well, I wanted you to have a unique name Astaro Kerio. Astaro came from a german brand of IT hardware security product. I was a NOC engineer at that time, where i use to monitor the company's firewall hardware. This firewall is the backbone of the IT infrastructure. Your second name Kerio, is our email client, you momand i use to communicate here. Well, that was way back then when we were still together.

Daddy is missing you so much. I wanted to hug you everyday, you're a stress reliever. I love it when you hug me back tightly. It gives me full comfort. Your smile is amazing, it is pure and genuine. Your eyes, are just plain innocent. I wish i could be like that. At your age, i know you can understand Daddy. . .Someday, you will fully understand everything.

As much as i want to I want to be with you all the time, watch you grow up. Teach you things that i have already experience being a kid. I want you to learn humility, faith, hope and love. I want you to be engage in outdoor activities. And I want you to learn a lot of things. I'm excited for that. There are many things I want to do with you when you grow up.

I love the way you call me "Daddy"
It's solemn and feels like serene. I just love it. You are my son, and i will do anything a father should love his child.