Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sad story, I guess?

I have a friend and He told me that he met his mother unexpectedly in a birthday party of his nephew. Since I know my friend's life story, I was eager to know and I asked him what happened next. He related to me he went to his nephew's place and celebrated with him. To his surprise he met his mother there. For a long time, my friend haven't heard any news from his mother. He was really surprised and was feeling queasy. I was listening to him closely and find it very interesting. I asked him, what did you do when you met her. He said it was a very awkward moment, unknowingly she was just right there after a long time of no communication. He said he didn't know what to do whether to hug, kiss or pay no attention to her. Instead, he just shook her hand and said 'Hello'. I was surprise like "Damn, you just shook her hand? and Hello?". I mean it was her mother, right? Then i ask him how did you feel meeting your mother? He said, "it was like nothing, it was like meeting a stranger. It was too awkward." **face palm for me. Then i suddenly realized, I don't want that to happen to my son. I don't want Astaro to be like that to his mother. I mean i love them both, my son and his mother even when we are already separated. I just can't seem to take it emotionally hearing those words from my own son. I was sad. I suddenly remember my son's mother, I hope she is doing well and happy. I hope she hasn't forgotten him. I will be so happy to see them together.