Saturday, January 2, 2010

What i truly bullshit..

i thought i was the only one who thinks uncommon..but i could say we are on the same stream rowing.

I am a vocal person and everything that i feel and think. i say it.

i am not thinking of my ex anymore..not even a single thought of her.. no bullshit..
that's because i already accepted the things happened to us and i have move on already. that's the best. already forgot how i felt.. how i loved her. AND ALSO...I already forgot about her because of my "unconditional love" for my present girlfriend which is oh so true..

heheh..and this one..i know she's probably thinking that i'm thinking like "i'm gettin tired of her " and "she's a responsibility/burden to me" know what?? that is the most hilarious things i could ever thought of her thinking of me..i say what she thinks "ITS NA TREEEWWW". i can't blame her for thinking like that. But if only i can tell her..IF ONLY..if only she would believe me that she is the one who keeps me going on when i'm tired. she's the one who makes me feel responsible for my actions. and i know how she would react if i say those things to her, she will just say one word and just one word "ADIK!"..

heheh..also this one..i'm not lying anymore..OH YEAH!!..unlike with my past relationship..lying was so easy for was like a part of me..i have no idea why i was like that before..but when i'm with her..i couldn't hide i can't put my mask and seal what i truly feels nice being honest to the person you really care for..its like a magical feeling..clean..

heheh..when im sharing to her what i feel and she listens..(i know she always listens)..that is the most amazing feeling i have..

I don't care what time i would wake up just to do her meals.
I don't care how much it would cost me for the bills in the house.
I don't care what others think.
I don't care...