Sunday, December 23, 2012

October 2012 - Crunch

And then October came.

I love this month. This is my son's birth month. I knew i'll be with him on his birthday and so i was excited.

I'll be seeing him again. He has grown a lot. His hair were already touching his shoulders. Curly at the bottom and kind of shaggy. Like samson's, his long hair fits the shape of his face. He can already utter a few words. I like the most is when he calls me Daddy!. The killer dimples on his smile are irresistable reminds me of his mom.

Work is already getting tough. The knowledge transfer was already done and started supporting. It was a challenge for me. Pressure was right back at me and stress was cheering its way on my system. I thought for a while it was good, it gave me time to concentrate into something not emotional. Perhaps a distraction that would stay a little longer this time. Mentally, it was a torture, knowing that you are accountable for the applications that you had acquired. That was not expected.

I had a little time running this time. My schedule didn't fit in for my exercise routine. I slack off and gained a little weight.
Even i don't have a love life i feel inspired at this time. There was something i can't explain. I was happy being single, enjoying the company that i have.

And yes! Finally, i have reconciled with my first ex. It wasn't awkward at all. Talking to her was casual and normal. There was no boom or a skip a beat on my heart. I remembered there was a moment of silence when i told her it was me. Like a tripple dot at the end of a sentence. A long pause... I was expecting she would hang up the phone but she didn't. Clearly, she wasn't expecting my call. And there it was, a very long international call. Almost two hours we chat. I was happy.