Sunday, December 30, 2012

November 2012 - Rush

It already the last quarter of the month. I was getting nostalgic. I was reminiscing how my life for 2012 was. Did it went good? Did it went well? Did i get to where i wanted?
It will be december soon. And i had to recount my experiences for this year and put it in a blog. So this shittymind of mine won't forget a single moment. Not everything though. I had to prepare.
Not a single word came from his mom. He just turned two and not a single fuck was given. I was disappointing. Anyway, things has his way of back firing. I shrugged off the negativity in that thought.
I need to have a long run this time. I registered for a 25km run. It was the new balance power run. As usual, my favorite organizer will be holding this event. With less training i thought i can pull it off. I was mentally prepared for the run. The optimism was there, unfortunately my body wasn't prepared for it. I had a few cramps along the way. And i didn't finish strong.
I was getting the hang of my work. Stress was already my friend, he was there with me 24x7. He never left me. He was more than a bestfriend. However it was a company that dragged me. I went slow, i went tired. This will be difficult to let it out on my system.
I had a few job interviews and offer. I didn't take it. I was telling myself, there is still much to learn on my current work. Was i wrong?