Tuesday, December 11, 2012

March 2012 - The Struggle

Every hardship there is struggle.

Im still depressed. I was broken. Badly hurt.

I finally came to a decision: End my misery.

I talked with my friends, officemates, go out with them, hang out and drink. Just for a temporary relief. I was thinking about my health and how to move on. I was overweight, i was fat even picking up a coin on the floor makes me take large breaths. My blood pressure was high. It was affecting me so much at the point my vision gets blurry when I'm tired my head spins around and round.

I need to take action!! Immediately..

So the first thing i did is buy a pair running shoes. To start running. To cut down the weight and loose some fats.
It was a perfect choice for me. Running made me clear my thoughts somehow my negativity. It has a positive effect on my health.
I sign up for a running event. Crazy you might think but this shittymind is really crazy. Without proper training i registered for my first long run. My first 10k is the Earth Run. That's it. March was the start-of-moving-on month for me. Thank God I've got friends and family who supported me.

From running and diet this month i lost nearly 20lbs. And So it came to me. I wasn't running from my problems but I was struggling to run towards the obstacle and overcome it.