Tuesday, December 11, 2012

June 2012 - Moving on

Focus on the things that inspire you. Hold it to keep you motivated.

Finally! Its half quarter of the year. And i'm feeling happy. Contended. I was thankful i made it through the bad time of my life. It made me a stronger person. I'm gaining my confidence back. I am motivated to keep going.

I'm excited, I'm going to take my first 21k with my friends. This time it comes with a finishers medal. Finishing a long race is very fulfilling, I can't describe my feelings after crossing the finish line. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. I register for training for running. New set of friends again.

In my work, i was transferred to another team for some reason. And later on found out it was an advantage for me. Luckily.. A lot of oppurtunity, improvement and a new set of friends! It was a blessing in disguise. Another set of friends again!

I was also super excited because my son will be coming here again. Bonding moment and quality time together with him. This was the time we really had a strong bond. We were going out just the two of us, talking to him like a friend. Teaching him little stuff at his age. It's cool to have a son! I love it.