Tuesday, December 11, 2012

July 2012 - Pace up

Time is gold. Meaning it's precious. It's valuable. It should be treasured.

I am still coping up with my feelings. But its getting better and better. I learned: time heals every sorrow and pain. I realize its your self who will decide to move or stay. To be happy or sad. The choice is always yours. So never regret the choices and decisions that you've made.

Started training this month for my first full marathon. A 42km of running. Its pretty long distant and tiring. I need to stay focus on training.

I started on my new team at my work. New resources are coming in on my new team. New set if friends. I've enjoyed working this month cause i think it wasn't much of work. It was fun and lot of training and knowledge transfer sessions. No work pressure yet.

Astaro is still here in manila, I enjoyed much of his company, playing around with me and we're having quality time together. He can already say Daddy!
Every time i look at him when he's asleep at night, i still feel sorry for him and makes me want to cry. Somehow, at the back of my mind i am hoping that our family will be complete. I guess there is still hope left in me.