Thursday, November 1, 2012

This title is not related to the subject of my post

Let me tell you something about
Choices and Decisions, in my own humble opinion =)

Choices are like selecting an ice cream from a different varieties of flavors.
If you select one flavor but later on you change your mind you can always replace or change it. However,
Decisions are life changing, it's just yes or no. Once you decide you can never go back.

Now, why the hell i'm telling you this sh*t??
It's because i need to make a decision. =)

A decision to what?
Lot of decisions to be made.
Should I resign?
Should I stop working?
Should I hunt for another job? Should I go abroad and work there?
Should I confess what i feel?
Should I run?
What should I?
These are the things I should need to decide on.
Life is tough.