Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bomb in space

And here goes my shittymind thinking random sh!t.

I'm at the office and i'm bored. Nothing much to do. Something pop out of my mind and i thought about this idea.

What if you set a time bomb in the outer space?

I tried to answer this question base on what i know. I was tempted to ask Mr. Google for this one but i have to come up with my own answers first.

1. You can't hear its explosion. Since space is in vacuum. No medium for sound waves.

2. There would be debris/particles flying like bullets since there is no friction and gravity.

3. No fireball will form or mushroom cloud like in the movies.There would just be a flash of light.

4. Leads me to another question..then another..then another.

Science is very interesting.Keeps me curious all the time.