Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Runner's tale

Run United 3
Let me tell you my run.
September 16, 2012 -- I marked my calendar for this 3rd Leg of Run United 3, organized by Runrio. This run will be fun! It's a long 32K run, it thought.

2 days before the run. Nagiisip na ako kung kakayanin ko. Actually, kaya ko naman. I've already prepared myself mentally. Nagaalangan lang kasi ako dahil di ako nakapagtrain for the past few weeks. Masyadong busy sa work. -__-

Friday night,I had an unexpected drinking session with office colleagues. Unexpected, kasi trip ko lang talaga tumambay nun, yung chillax lang. I was wasted! and it was already saturday dawn. 20 hours na lang tatakbo na ako. Can i have a good rest? hell no! and the hangover. sakit sa ulo!

I woke up around 5. And yes, had a hangover. lightheaded. Naisip ko 9 hours na lang takbo na. I tried to sleep some more. and woke up again at 9. Had a dinner with my friend who will also be running. Di na ako nakatulog. 1 hour before the run. Walang enough na tulog, konting hangover. We lined up for our baggage. Mejo mabilis na ngayon and process di tulad nung sa RU2. After the baggage we met up with some friends in front of Riovana, Dr. Maya and Linton.

The more the merrier. Like the usual atmosphere before the run. Marami kang makikitang nagwawarm-up, slow running and stretching. I also found some of my fellow 42k Milo runners. And then we lined up before the Starting line. And the Gun went PLOK! 3:00AM.

Amidst the rainy weather, lack of sleep and lightheaded, I Ran. The number of runners were outstanding. Although, I can't say they were all hardcore runners. We started slowly right about 8-9 pace. The water stations were strategically situated around 2.5km in between. The trash was still there even there are already trash bins placed. Anyway, paper cup trashes are normal for every run. Almost an hour we are still in constant pace. I thought we are going too slow for the run, I might as well run faster. But no, I run along with my friends.

Still it was raining. I was having a knee pain while i was running, though it's still tolerable, i just slowed down and had it sprayed with omega-mixed-efficascent pain reliever by the medic team. It's good they have this compared to other organized run. The pain subsided then we continued running, a few chit-chat with Rodz and Dr. Maya, about the view, the people, and some stuff.

In spite of being unprepared and the bad weather, we manage to finish the course in 4 hours and 30 mins. I can say we ran slow. It was my first PR for a 32K race. Not bad. I had my finishers medal and some freebies stuff. Feeling sad a bit, since i haven't completed the medal puzzle. The shirt was nice. and the events were also cool.

So, overall conclusion, the race was F-U-N. I am looking forward to Run United Philippine Marathon. This time I'll prepare and train harder and not to drink hours before the run.