Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview with the Self

How are you doing today?
I feel everything is on a routine

I woke up, play a bit, go to work, work, go home, sleep.

So you would like everyday to be different? Of course.

Everyday is different. You just don't see the difference. Maybe you're just thinking too much you don't see it.
Yeah, i think so. I'm shittymind.

Why do you call yourself shittymind? mmm. Why call US shittymind?
Well, It's a fact that I am always over thinking an Idea, exaggerating it a bit, and my thought just fly from here to everywhere. I think that is the reason.

Don't You think we're crazy?
50-50..I don't know..Heheheh

Hmm. How do you feel about the upcoming race?
I feel nervous. My heart feels I can do it, My mind thinks I will and should do it but my body tells me don't overdo it.

Are you ready for the race?
YES! I am.

Great! What about your heart? How is it? I mean, you know?
My Heart is still recovering. You know how badly it was broken. It was like pounded to dust and not into pieces.

Are we talking long term here?
Yes, i think so.

Meaning, you're not going to love any other lady??
I didn't say that.
Not for now, I won't settle into a relationship where I still can't give in my trust. It's not that easy.

Okay. Do you have any special someone right now?
A lot. **kidding
You know me, when i like someone else I don't show to her that i like her.
Besides, i don't know if she likes me.

Soooo, there is a 'Someone'?
None, I'm just telling you (**scratched nose) :)

Yea. Whatever!
Any plans?

I do have plans, but as you know. My plans depend on what's going to happen. Hehehe..

That's what I'm talking about! **HIGH FIVE