Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hard to be broken.

i hate the way i feel today.

Everything's is fine. it started out fine. Why the hell i'm feeling this way today? Maybe i'm just bored. Yeah i think I'm BORED!!!

I'm bored with my work. You ask why? i'm not learning anymore. just staring at this damn graphs the whole shift, staring to this oversize lcd monitors, withstanding its heat which makes my balls cry out for cold shower.. nothing to do much. is there more challenging than this? for crying out loud? do this company have something to give to their employees? like a hands-on training. yeah training will be good. they already provided training but i call it a LECTURE. it wasn't training at all, i can google it myself! What am i saying?!? shit all i can do is to whine at my blog and never let them hear me. I guess that's better for now. whew.

And one thing..

have your ever felt that everything between you and your partner is all doing fine?
you feel good about your relationship. you feel good for both of you..you feel good that you are the only one for her life? that you're the one she's been thinking about while you're apart. blah blah blah.. but then..you suddenly bump to something like she's always reminded of .. something like a song that links them between your partner and her past..have you?

the other thing..

it's march..my sister's bday is coming up..got to find a way to patch things up with her..

but for now..

there's myself and my shittymind.


Ar-Ar said...

i did feel that way.. pero hinayaan ko lang,,hindi nman kasi ako adik na gaya mo! hhaa go get EZ with your sister.. thats nice.=)