Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's all i have...It's just her

You've got to know her before judging her..

Don't judge her by the way she laughs and say she's too loud..it's just her..i love the way she laughs..she laughs so happy..but...i know sometimes behind those laughs there's still something incomplete.

Don't judge her by the way she talks..it's just her..she may be a liberated talker..she will speak what she wants..and she will say it to your face..

Say "good morning" after her first sneeze..it means she's already woken up..Don't bother waking her up cause if you do..your day might just turn upside down..

She's different..i really can't explain how "different" for her should be defined..

Don't bother exlpaining things that went wrong between you..misunderstanding will be settled later..she may not talk to you for a while..It'll go by (which i'm not used to)

She's super sweet (which i really love about her).. she can cook for you which makes you forgot your name and say things like "will you marry me". :)

She's caring and thoughtful. you may swept you off your feet when she does.. *sigh*..

You can talk with her any things under the sun..or over the sack.. about how you feel about your work.. even how you cross the damn c5 road..

She like's to write..which we both share in common..i think..

What can i say..I love her for all she is..she's all i have..
i'll leave this unfinished for now..