Friday, October 23, 2009

When the light is getting brighter...

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

How close are you? could you tell me how close are you? Deep inside i don't want to get near that light. Not even a glimpse of it. It's blinding. Am i just afraid?

Id: Bakit kelangang tunnel?

Id: What are you afraid of wel?

Me: hahaha! Pare ingles un ah..ang tanungin mo.. What are WE afraid of?

S. Ego: I think there is nothing to be afraid of. Just let it be. It's for the best.

Id: You think so? I have no idea.

Me: But why do i have this kind of feeling? This emptiness...

S. Ego: Huna-huna mo ra na.. Kaon didto dong. gutom ra na. daghan bahaw sa balay..

Id: hahahaa..parang di ka apektado Ego?

S. Ego: I don't have to be affected by those kind of things. What is important is that we must go on with our lives. If we are then we are.

Me: Cool! tayo-tayo lang nagkakaintindihan...

Id: Sakto! so ano na?

Me: Don't go beyond the light! whahahaha...


Anonymous said...

cnu c ID?