Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And then i started my Life..meet my 3 self..

Its been awhile since i logged on to this account. And thought about posting just about anything. Since this post is my first post, and i know no one would be reading this, i will start it this way.

: Whew! After a year, i want to start blogging again..How would i start my blog?

Id: what are you thinkin, blogging is for sissies..

S. Ego: Id, don't tell him that, let him do whatever he wants.

Id: Shut the f#@k up!

Me: uhmm...I would like it to be natural!..Just like talking to myself..But..Where would i start? I don't know how to write stuff like these.

S. Ego: Of course you know how to. How about now? Start it with yourself, with who you really are..

Id: hahahah.. How could he start? Till now he doesn't know who he really is..sucker!

Me: I'll do it! i will write about anything what goes into my mind. The things i want say.

S. Ego: Great!

Sissy! tangna mo! Magtagalog ka na lang boi! nakakakilabot ang english mo.

Me: hahahah.. nice one Id! Okay, tagalog - english para masaya..

Id: anong masaya dun?

Silence!.... I kill you!

S. Ego: